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01:27 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3065: Update overview diagram in Osmocom Wiki
It looks like OsmoTRX is missing. Maybe put it into a separate box on the left to show it's closer to the hardware?


12:06 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3045: sysmoBTS: re-assigning an lchan to a different timeslot triggers activation of *all* S...
I see that the merged patch doesn't touch osmo-bts-trx. Does this mean that it is not affected by this issue? We've s...


01:25 PM OsmoDevCon + OsmoCon Wiki edit: OsmoDevCon2018 (#37)
adding fairwaves talks.


02:40 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #3017: HLR and MSC setup for COMP128v1 with only 2G KI set fails to authenticate
Not sure if that's your case but I recently spent several hours scratching my head with the same symptoms, until II r...


05:09 PM pySim Revision 5dfda9fd (pysim): pySim-fairwaves-prog: Read a selected A3/A8 algorithm.
Change-Id: I757ea725bd5616dbd6ef329ea5981063fd780761
05:08 PM pySim Revision 99b5e321 (pysim): Checking in - utility to read all known files on a S...
Change-Id: Iaa301a8a6356d610753c2bba286187c3220833a9
05:07 PM pySim Revision d21ef12f (pysim): commands: Allow reading binary/record files if they are already selected.
Change-Id: Iad3b240eab8a54a4d0ef2623bc9dd17f7dce5fa5
05:06 PM pySim Revision 1198ad9e (pysim): utils: Add a function to decode SELECT result for EF files.
Change-Id: Ib2af7fe5205654c5277fec01b6b0b10a68e472b9
05:05 PM pySim Revision cc85a1ee (pysim): utils: Zero-pad MCC and MNC in enc_plmn()
Change-Id: I94607f6a87a416d05bd577a29d1466452921d604
07:45 AM pySim Revision 2322c1f9 (pysim): Checking in various utilities to manipulate Fairwaves SIM card DB.
Change-Id: Ibb49b127df68fd210e6b75e4f0b9c667d2c2cc7c

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