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07:54 PM OsmoTRX Revision 4aa548f0 (osmotrx): sigProcLib: rename signalError type to SignalError.
Change-Id: I1a5ae6e87d4c69945053fdefec185d0fb1a26399
07:54 PM OsmoTRX Revision f9e78bee (osmotrx): Move CorrType type from Transceiver to sigProcLib.
Required to move Transceiver::detectBurst to sigProcLib.
Change-Id: I3e0e74a98bbca4d19657f50a5fb447f078663c9b
01:25 AM OsmoTRX Revision f0189c47 (osmotrx): vector: Introduce shrink() function to shrink vector size without lo...
Change-Id: I9c0ac2715aea1a90c9e6ebcd982522b80a547099
01:24 AM OsmoTRX Revision c708816b (osmotrx): vector: Introduce segmentMove() method to move data inside of a vector.
Change-Id: I2f3f4267b4137a0bc031f27e0f896fba9b9f3433
01:22 AM OsmoTRX Revision e56bf3a0 (osmotrx): signalVector: Implement segment().
Change-Id: I6fe3aae53fb2fa5bb7637e976de6059eabe08202


07:38 PM OsmoBTS Bug #1795: osmo-bts-trx: fails to assign second lchan on TCH/H TS
fixeria wrote:
> My suggestion is to change the II to III for now, until dynamic II <-> III switching
> is implemen...
06:31 PM OsmoTRX Revision 38b69871 (osmotrx): BitVector: Convert SoftVector from 0..1 to -1..+1 soft bits.
This makes code simpler and will allow us send -127..127 soft bits towards
osmo-bts instead of 0..255 bits.
06:31 PM OsmoTRX Revision 7db522b6 (osmotrx): BitVector: Remove convolutional codec - we don't use it in osmo-trx.
Now we have more fexibility in how we represent SoftVector, since we
no longer depend on the particular convolutional...
06:31 PM OsmoTRX Revision ae09b04e (osmotrx): CommonLibs: Print soft bits with less confidence to console when pri...
We use other symbols to show that these bits has less confidence:
o and . for 0 with less confidence
| and ' for 1 wi...
06:31 PM OsmoTRX Revision b61c610c (osmotrx): Call vectorSlicer() right before packing bits for transmission to os...
vectorSlicer() converts soft-bits from -1..+1 to 0..1 while we want
to keep SoftVector in -1..+1 mode until the last ...

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