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07:12 PM OsmoTRX Wiki edit: OsmoTRX (#58)
Fix images
03:35 PM Osmo{Dev}Con Wiki edit: OsmoDevCon2017 (#57)


02:24 PM OsmoTRX Revision e0c12189 (osmotrx): sigProcLib: Constify demodulation functions burst argument.
demodCommon() used to scale input vector in place which changed original data.
That's a bad practice and is not reall...
02:24 PM OsmoTRX Revision 1470fcdb (osmotrx): sigProcLib: constify signalVector arguments for detectBurst() functi...
Change-Id: Ic033371a387353eb12b1827a0eb16c00c07da88a
02:23 PM OsmoTRX Revision 6e1dffd4 (osmotrx): Move Transceiver::demodulate() to sigProcLib to make it reusable.
Change-Id: I2cad47160e53f65612bd1da8998c83a0a22bce9b
02:23 PM OsmoTRX Revision 0229d22d (osmotrx): sigProcLib.h: Fix whitespaces. No non-whitespace changes.
The file seem to be using "2 spaces" indent, bt some lines are using
tabs which breaks formatting.
Change-Id: I7718c...
02:23 PM OsmoTRX Revision f7717acd (osmotrx): sigProcLib: Add operator<< to print CorrType to a string.
Change-Id: I3d68cbdab8fb504d7f155029654a576d318a201e
02:22 PM OsmoTRX Revision b34e60c1 (osmotrx): Move BURST_THRESH from Transceiver.cpp to sigProcLib.h to make it re...
Change-Id: I5a888890e26858c0fbb2ddb7ef23cb0fd66a64b4


09:59 PM OsmoTRX Revision 4e6c9380 (osmotrx): Move Transceiver::detectBurst() to sigProcLib to make it reusable.
Change-Id: I3cbe8e6e4f39dde02c945e6c9086c040e276845c
07:54 PM OsmoTRX Revision f9e78bee (osmotrx): Move CorrType type from Transceiver to sigProcLib.
Required to move Transceiver::detectBurst to sigProcLib.
Change-Id: I3e0e74a98bbca4d19657f50a5fb447f078663c9b

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