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04:15 PM pySim Bug #5233 (In Progress): pySim-shell "reset" command doesn't trigger re-obtaining ADM PIN
The behavior above is the expected behavior. The reset command resets the card. When the card is changed, pySim-shell...
03:45 PM pySim Revision 7e87e228 (pysim): WIP: Add bulk provisioning support
Change-Id: Ifb5e75c84f928e611598ad320b9a9959ac60b197
03:29 PM pySim Revision b420bcb3 (pysim): pySim-prog: rename card_handler option to card_handler_config
The option and also the dest variable in the code are currently named
card_handler. This might be confusing since the...
12:43 PM pySim Revision fc3e29a6 (pysim): card_handler: make reader (sl) operations optional.
The constructor gets an sl object on initalization. The card handler
will then carry out reader operations like wait_...
12:43 PM pySim Revision f09c7add (pysim): pySim-shell: allow card insertion at runtime
Currently a card must be present in the reader until the user can enter
pySim-shell. Removing and plugging another ca...
12:43 PM pySim Revision fd68ab5c (pysim): pySim-shell: refactor __main__ section
The code in __main__ which initalizes the reader and the card and
runtime state is not so well structured. Lets put t...


10:57 AM pySim Revision b8e4f742 (pysim): pySim-shell: move command desc and verify_adm to PySimCommands
Almost all pySim-shell related commands are agrgated in PySimCommands.
There are a feq exceptions, so there are some ...


08:34 AM OsmoMGW Feature #4841 (In Progress): TC_e1_crcx_and_dlcx_ep does not pass - move the IPA code out of libosmo-abis
I have now analyzed the IPA situation a bit. It appears to me that someone has tried to move the IPA code to libosmoc...


10:06 AM OsmoMSC Revision ce1f9732 (osmo-msc): msc_vlr_test: remove DLMGCP log messages from unit test output
The log output of libosmo-mgcp-client has changed. This change causes
the unit tests to fail because the log output d...
07:01 AM OsmoMGW Revision df9192ef (osmo-mgw): mgcp_client: add MGW name as logging context
Usually only one MGCP client per application is present. Then the log
lines from mgcp_client.c will be distinguishabl...

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