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01:00 PM OsmoMGW Bug #4005 (In Progress): TTCN3 crashes when receiving an RTP MGCP_DUMMY_LOAD from osmo-mgw during CRCX
12:50 PM OsmoMGW Revision 97a9312b (osmo-mgw): mgcp_network: fix implicit address loopback
A call agent may send a CRCX to create a connection in LOOPBACK mode but
without specifiying the destination address....
10:15 AM OsmoMGW Bug #5119 (In Progress): mgcp_client.c should not assert on unexpected codec name in the input data
I have replaced the ASSERT with a normal check that just returns an error code. The reason for the ASSERT might have ...


09:52 PM pySim Revision c957ce8a (pysim): ts_51_011: fix encoder of EF_SPN:
The encoder for EF_SPN is passing the 'spn' parameter (which is a list)
directly to enc_spn without taking it apart f...
09:17 PM OsmoMGW Bug #5123: coredump nightly mgw on 3g voicecall startup
I think I have fixed the problem now. The following TTCN3 test triggers the problem:
04:16 PM OsmoMGW Bug #5123 (In Progress): coredump nightly mgw on 3g voicecall startup


12:22 PM pySim Revision 4210a700 (pysim): pySim-read: fix wrong comment
Change-Id: Idcbbc6e964f7932a10d55f7f28646f278c994129


07:04 PM pySim Feature #4532 (Resolved): fix writing the various PLMN files
I have checked the test data of sysmo-usim-sjs1 and sysmo-isim-sja2, both write PLMNsel, PLMNwAcT, OPLMNwAcT and HPLM...
05:15 PM pySim Feature #4807 (Resolved): Support for writing EF_SUCI_Calc_Info
Hello merlinchlosta,
thanks for contributing to pySim-shell. I see your patch got merged some time ago. I have now...
04:46 PM OsmoBTS Bug #3478 (Rejected): struct member lchan->meas.bts_tx_pwr is never set
The struct member in question got removed with the following patch:

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