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04:44 PM OsmoBTS Revision ec674ac7 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: remove dead code
Patch by Octasic inc.
Change-Id: I40ff0b95349308693bec5f4ae56ec7f2f14202e5
04:12 PM OsmoBTS Revision f5c2ca6a (osmo-bts): compilation_with_new_header
02:24 PM OsmoBTS Revision 05f226a4 (osmo-bts): cosmetic: remove unused variable in osmo-bts-omldummy/main.c
02:02 PM OsmoBSC Feature #3102: clean up and use a_reset.c in osmo-bsc
The file osmo_bsc_reset.c turned out to be dead code (was not not even compiled). I have removed the file now: https:...
11:59 AM libosmocore Revision 7e27b14e (libosmocore): gsm_08_08: correct speech codec defaults
The speech codec defaults are not correct. The defaults recommended
in 3GPP TS 28.062, Table are limited...


06:43 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
I have added the dependencies introduced by GSCON and added stubs for that what I could not resolve:
05:37 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3095: AoIP Speech Codec Configuration for AMR/FR is wrong
With a corrected osmo-bsc.cfg (attached) I get a much cleaner result:...
04:40 PM OsmoBSC Bug #3095 (In Progress): AoIP Speech Codec Configuration for AMR/FR is wrong
Intrestingly Table Preferred Configurations for the Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec Types defines a "wider" d...


05:05 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2823: Use bsc_subscr_conn_fsm in BSC
As discussed with neels yesterday I fixed a couple of cosmetic issues in the already merged gscon patch....


08:59 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3066 (Resolved): osmo-msc segfaults on early clear request (take out battery while ringing)

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