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07:19 PM pySim Revision f408a400 (pysim): pySim-shell: tree/export: catch errors during DF selection
When a DF is selected, then the method walk() does not catch the
related execption, which causes the command to stop ...
03:46 PM pySim Revision 13e258dc (pysim): pySim-shell: be sure that startup script file exists
When a startup script file is specified that does not exists pySim-shell
skips the script and starts normally. This i...


03:37 PM pySim Revision 1bd664da (pysim): tests: remove .example files for simcard tests
The folder pysim-testdata already contains testdata that can also be
used as examples. The .example files are from a ...
03:37 PM pySim Revision dc4402e5 (pysim): pySim-shell: fix wrong reference to iccid.
It should be self.iccid instead of self._cmd.iccid
Change-Id: Icb7378929187a4fc39a8f1ddbaa18291f16caf79
Related: OS#...


04:21 PM pySim Revision c98ef8a7 (pysim): fix fixup_fcp_proprietary_tlv_map()
The function fixup_fcp_proprietary_tlv_map() addes propritary TLV
tags in the range of d0 to ff to the TLV map. Howev...


04:58 PM pySim Bug #4383: Jenkins build verification is non-deterministic
I have now fixed the problem by resetting EF.AD to its original state.
11:11 AM pySim Bug #4383: Jenkins build verification is non-deterministic
Hello @fixeria
There is indeed something changed on the card:
Administrative data: 00000002
MS operation mode:...


02:32 PM pySim Revision ac34dcc1 (pysim): pySim-shell: fix and improve file system exporter
The file system exporter function export() selects the exported EF from
inside a try block. It also selects the paren...
02:32 PM pySim Revision b152a9e0 (pysim): pySim-shell: prevent inconsitancy when walking through the FS tree
When using the method walk() to walk through the filesystem tree, then
the action() callback must not change the curr...
02:32 PM pySim Revision 46f09af1 (pysim): pySim-shell: complete CHV/PIN management tools
At the moment we only have a basic version of a verify_chv commnad, but
in order to handle any CHV/PIN related situat...

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