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10:37 PM osmo-gbproxy Wiki edit: Redundancy_between_GbProxy (#3)
12:10 AM OsmoBTS Bug #5079: osmo-bts crash on `gsmtap-remote-host` and `show running-config`
I hope it matches the code....
12:03 AM OsmoPCU Bug #3879 (Closed): TC_sns_1c1u_so_bvc_reset has never passed on jenkins
everything merged and the jenkins test is green.


11:17 PM OsmoBTS Bug #5079: osmo-bts crash on `gsmtap-remote-host` and `show running-config`
10:49 PM libosmocore Bug #4803 (Closed): gprs_ns2: rework logging of Rx/Tx messages using ll_str()
Yes. it was.


04:25 PM libosmocore Revision e7dfeac8 (libosmocore): gprs_ns2_vty: print a response to vty `nsvc <nsvci> (block|unblock|reset)
The vty wasn't printing anything to the user if it was a success or not
Change-Id: Idbb83ea319bbdc94177febdd66e79c49...
02:12 PM libosmocore Revision 53e70090 (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: sns: remove the initial SNS NSVC if it's not part
A SNS configuration can be done over a NSVC, however this initial NSVC doesn't
need to be part of the configuration.


02:30 PM libosmocore Revision cdb2baaa (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: sns: ensure the sns->alive state is correct
The SNS fsms also track the NSE however since the NSVC
starts now in ALIVE for SNS the SNS must check when synchroniz...
02:30 PM libosmocore Revision 5b72247d (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: nsvc_fsm: reorder notification st_alive_on_enter()
The start_procedure() can't be called after ns2_nse_notify_unblocked()
because ns2_nse_notify_unblocked() might free ...
01:57 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 8094254f (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: PCU_Tests_NS: add support for vty
Allow to use the vty by test cases. f_init_vty(id) must be called
before using the vty.
Related: SYS#5416

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