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11:43 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4613 (New): IPv6: add test cases for gsm0808 dec/enc aoip transport_addr
Write test cases to cover gsm0808_dec_aoip_trasp_addr() for IPv4 & IPv6.


07:13 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4605: GMM_ATTACH_REQ_FSM: Event E_AUTH_RESP_RECV_SUCCESS not permitted
These messages should be normal, because we don't check everywhere if the GMM attach fsm is still running or not when...
07:03 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4604: Lots of "Unusual event"
A pcap would help here. My random guess it's related to RAUs.
However I think the same as for OS#4600 and OS#4604:...
06:58 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4599: counter group sgsn:pdpctx already exists for index X, instead using Y
This is a problem of the SGSN code and how it allocates rate counter groups.
The problem here is, that the sgsn tr...
04:40 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4605: GMM_ATTACH_REQ_FSM: Event E_AUTH_RESP_RECV_SUCCESS not permitted
According to the spec, an ID Request/Response is allowed at any time. But it's started by the SGSN.
I think those me...
03:48 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4602: SGSN crash with "Assert failed mm->gb.llme == NULL gprs_sgsn.c:358"
From the log I think the GPRS Suspend does the problem. AFAIK GPRS Suspend happens in our setup only in 2G when a cal...


11:08 PM OsmoBTS Revision 75c84a7e (osmo-bts): vty: allow to use IPv6 in oml/rtp ip binds
Change-Id: Iecef8790fbdbe6301db65380837c9f06470011e0
11:07 PM OsmoBTS Revision 727d9605 (osmo-bts): gsm_data_shared: add BTS_FEAT_IPV6
Change-Id: Iffddb8b19a89523301f4885a8a8b53a9ee89dadf


03:10 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4579 (New): add IPv6 support


05:01 PM OsmoBTS Bug #4579 (In Progress): add IPv6 support

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