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02:42 PM OsmoHNBGW Feature #4882: HSPA+ Picocell availiable in U.S
@copslock i'ven't opened one of them. I need to do it.
Anyhow here is an example file for the autobind service. It...


07:34 PM OsmoGGSN (former OpenGGSN) Bug #5231 (Closed): error indication is ignore by the receiver
When setting accidental a NAT between the nano3g and the ggsn, the ggsn can't match the connection.
In those cases...
06:46 PM libosmocore Revision a7a757f2 (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: nsvc: react on STATUS PDUs with cause code NSVC UNKNOWN/NSVC BLOCKED
A STATUS PDU with cause code NSVC UNKNOWN/NSVC BLOCKED informs the other
side about a state mismatch between the side...
06:46 PM libosmocore Revision e7873336 (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: fix a white space
Change-Id: I2207d13ae451ce49482625fac43b6ab1c0f215e8
06:46 PM libosmocore Revision eec4f608 (libosmocore): gprs_ns2: fix NS STATUS validation
The wrong TLVs were used.
Change-Id: I01339d93469285cc5340500717ab2b696284e12a
06:46 PM libosmocore Revision 9cd9f6d5 (libosmocore): ns2: fix a crash when receiving a SIZE while configured
The ns2_vc_force_unconfigured() needs to be protected otherwise it would free
gss->nsvc which will be used later. It ...
06:46 PM libosmocore Revision f27fbf65 (libosmocore): ns2: nsvc: reject UNITDATA when the remote BLOCK'ed
When the remote initiated the BLOCK the nsvc would still accept UNITDATA
over this nsvc.
Change-Id: I3ed4aa105a84e44...
04:08 PM OsmoHNBGW Bug #5230 (Feedback): hnbgw fails to connect to the sgsn
On the event gsm setup I've noticed that sometimes the packets doesn't flow between the daemons even all are up.
I w...


03:09 PM libosmocore Bug #4855 (Closed): ns2: Better formatting for show ns
The `show ns` has been improved and gprs_ns2_ll_str() has been implemented for the other link layers.


11:34 PM libosmocore Bug #5028 (Feedback): ns2: add uptime for NSE & NSVC

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