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01:11 PM OsmocomBB Revision 2dedefb8 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Added option parsing.
Available options:
dl-rx-grp: mcast group messages on downlink are received from
ul-tx-grp: mcast group messages on u...


04:59 PM OsmocomBB Revision 7f1cb52d (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Add downlink filter for msg on dedicated channels.
Messages incoming on dedicated channel (SDCCH/8, SDCCH/4) are no longer
forwarded to l23 if their timeslot/subchannel...
04:55 PM OsmocomBB Revision eebe9b59 (osmocombb): L23-MOBILE: Make config path configurable.
Adding config-path options to command line arguments.
-c /path/to/config


05:17 PM OsmocomBB Revision af96a5b9 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Fixed power management and PCS sync.
PCS flag was ignored in fbsb. Power management returned a perfect link
for all possible arfcns causing the mobile try...
02:45 PM OsmoBTS Revision 0b22f2dc (osmo-bts): VIRT-PHY: TCH processed as FACCH to enable signaling on TCH.
02:42 PM OsmocomBB Revision 6e3996c2 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Fixed FACCH processing on TCH.
As TCH is not supported in GSMTAP yet, all incoming frames on the
virt-phy are forwarded as FACCH to the l23 for now....


03:39 PM OsmocomBB Revision 8237d9ed (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Scheduler - correct handling over hyperframe repeat.
Scheduler will no longer skip tasks that are scheduler for a framenumber
greater than the current fn because of a hyp...
03:36 PM OsmoBTS Revision c961c340 (osmo-bts): VIRT-PHY: Added test option for fast hyperframe repeat.
Frame number will restart at 0 after each superframe (approx. 6.1 sec)
if enabled. Can be enabled by preprocessor def...


05:16 PM OsmocomBB Revision e51e7a10 (osmocombb): VIRT-PHY: Calculate correct scheduler fn for data- and tch-msgs on...
Proper calculation of the scheduled frame number and appending the jobs
with that fn to the scheduler. Thus uplink ms...
02:13 PM OsmoBTS Revision ba69eb9f (osmo-bts): VIRT-PHY: Fixed error causing send msgs to be received on same sock.
This could be disabled setting socket option IP_MULTICAST_ALL = 0.

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