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04:58 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #5221 (Resolved): Meta: Git address typo in wiki page + missing GitHub mirror
Thanks for the issue, I updated the wiki and created the Github mirror.
03:49 PM osmo-gbproxy Wiki edit: Osmo-gbproxy (#17)
Fix git clone url, see #5221


01:59 PM Servers Bug #5217: Disk space issue in redmine
The issue is resolved, but maybe we should move the temp directory to somewhere not located in /usr?
01:58 PM Servers Bug #5217 (Resolved): Disk space issue in redmine reports...


04:56 PM osmo-remsim Bug #5216 (Feedback): Events request-sim-local / request-card-remove are never sent
Using osmo-remsim-{server,bankd} version
osmo-remsim-client version 0.3.0
If I create a mapping os...
04:43 PM osmo-remsim Feature #4332: call external script from remsim-client to execute specific actions
Looking at the sources no request-sim-local or request-card-remove can ever occur:...


03:00 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision d70d45ab (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): gbproxy: Fix race condition checking for unblocked BVC
It sometimes happens that the ttcn3 test checks the BVC FSM state before
the gbproxy had time to process the BVC_RESE...


09:26 AM osmo-gbproxy Bug #5200 (Resolved): CTRL command nsvc-state causes memory corruption
Patches have been merged


01:24 PM OsmoMGW Bug #5201: use after free during make check in osmo-mgw since commit 'mgcp_ratectr: add stats items to monitor trunk usage'
ASAN is not enabled for osmo-mgw. Patch here:
01:20 PM OsmoMGW Revision 41ab87f6 (osmo-mgw): contrib/jenkins: Use ASAN for osmo-mgw
Change-Id: I55cfea8a94730ebfaed1ef3227c50777edfb94fb
Related: OS#5201

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