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07:30 PM OsmoBTS Feature #3155 (Stalled): execute BTS_Tests.ttcn with real (C123) phone hardware in LTHW setup
07:29 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4870: BTS features parsed too late
All patches ahve been merged except the last one. Reassigning to @lynxis so he tests everything's fine with that one ...
03:13 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4873 (Feedback): BSC trying to activate TS while still in avail=dependency
The multiple issues I spotted (not sure if they really provoke the issues you are seeing) should be fixed once https:...
03:00 PM OsmoBSC Bug #4870: BTS features parsed too late
I reworked lynxis patches on top of mine adding FSMs for all GPRS-related MOs.
Issue should be fixed by these:


06:59 PM OsmoBSC Revision 8def4df0 (osmo-bsc): WIP: Introduce NM GPRS NSE FSM
Change-Id: I91a5f40324d5373eac885032295690cec97214a6
04:28 PM OsmoBSC Revision a0716ffa (osmo-bsc): Store GPRS MOs directly under BTS SiteMgr object
The only real 1-1 relationship between BTS NM objects is the one between
GPRS Cell and BTS (which is actually a BTS c...
11:56 AM OsmoPCU Revision 022f9e56 (osmopcu): Implement downgrade to DL MCS1-4 when USF for GPRS_only MS
In previous status, if USF for GPRS-only MS was selected, then EGPRS
TBFs were skipped and either a GPRS TBF was sele...
11:53 AM OsmoPCU Revision 7fd9a29e (osmopcu): tbf: Log previous TS when changing Control TS
Change-Id: I5f37f3512dde60e4eb1ccebbb2d96de24604d241
11:47 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 83142bec (osmo-sgsn): gmm: Introduce comment to ease addition of Network feature support IE later
Change-Id: I131cba3de3c80c61d5549e7c31b4eacaaeddb040
11:47 AM OsmoSGSN Revision 8c3d7fd2 (osmo-sgsn): gmm: fix build without define PTMSI_ALLOC
Change-Id: Idcac01c4634af81ef884dc2b1b20dec3f8d12236

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