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03:50 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Wiki edit: Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites (#42)


04:55 PM OsmoBTS Feature #1851: generalize power control and TA loop code
More related work:
remote: New Changes:
remote: cosmetic: Fix tra...


04:09 PM Core testing infrastructure Feature #4212 (Feedback): TTCN3 docker containers: tell glibc to print segfault output to stderr
I have prepared patches in docker-playground.git to log processes stdout+stderr to log files which were used previous...
12:31 PM OsmoBTS Feature #1851: generalize power control and TA loop code
remote: Unify common and bts-trx power control loop VTY command
12:28 PM OsmoBTS Feature #1851 (In Progress): generalize power control and TA loop code
First bunch of commits cleaning up some variables and locations and unifying the VTY parameters used by both current...
09:08 AM OsmoBTS Bug #2325 (Resolved): sporadic shutdown of osmo-bts-trx in osmo-gsm-tester runs (no clock from trx)
I haven't seen this one lately since we moved to new host and we are probably using a new UHD version.
09:07 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #2256 (Closed): Malformed packet sending an SMS
I haven't seen this one for a while and it seems a bug from MS anyway, so closing it. We can always reopen it if we s...
09:00 AM OsmoSGSN Bug #1941 (Resolved): Gb: implement MM state ready, idle, standby including T3314
08:56 AM OsmoBTS Bug #1622 (Resolved): OsmoBTS power control incompliant to TS 05.08 and TS 08.58
08:55 AM OsmoBTS Bug #4215 (Resolved): osmo-bts-trx: DL burst towards osmo-trx dopped due to enqueued CMD NOHANDOVER

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