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12:00 PM OsmoTRX Revision 9eff3084 (osmotrx): WIP: comments
Change-Id: Ia2631a869e23af520b9eade192dfdb032174c689
12:00 PM OsmoTRX Revision cf66e6a4 (osmotrx): WIP: osmo-trx-ipc
Change-Id: Ice63d3499026293ade8aad675ff7a883bcdd5756


09:45 AM OsmoGSMTester Revision aa82f732 (osmo-gsm-tester): epc_{amarisoft,srs}: Support selecting tgz based on run_node's run label
Change-Id: I90b8dab8bdc9980a7d2486d890cff183c07f1809
09:45 AM OsmoGSMTester Revision 2f663d4a (osmo-gsm-tester): Support identifying different tgz files based on run_label attribute
tgz files in trials can be categorized in subdirectories, allowing to
select different bianry files at runtime based ...


02:45 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 9dbdb623 (osmo-gsm-tester): process: Log stdout tail when process exits with error
This is useful since remote processes we run under ssh end up merging
both remote stdout and sterr into local stdout....
02:12 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 6f31de82 (osmo-gsm-tester): enb_srs: Use RemoteProcessSafeExit instead of RemoteProcess
It is known that sometimes srsENB hangs until it is killed -9, specially
when using ZMQ backend. Let's use RemoteProc...
01:52 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision 0d64f165 (osmo-gsm-tester): Replace RemoteProcessFixIgnoreSIGHUP with RemoteProcessSafeExit
The API was doing far more stuff than its name indicated. Even more
important stuff, like making sure the process is ...
12:23 PM OsmoGSMTester Revision d84a8387 (osmo-gsm-tester): 4g: Pass max bitrate to iperf3
Otherwise bitrate 0 (unlimited) does weird stuff, like iperf3 hanging
forever in DL.
Change-Id: I631243cce132923d902...


08:29 PM OsmoPCU Bug #4558: Why is RRBP set on PACCH Pkt Ul Assignment?
laforge wrote:
> it's been ages... but don't you want an ACK for the control message (the assignment itself)?
05:34 PM OsmoPCU Feature #4559 (New): ttcn3-pcu: Add test to validate several LLC blocks over 1 TBF
To be tested both for Ul TBF and Dl Tbf.
The idea is to for example establish an uplink tbf, then do contention re...

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