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07:30 PM OsmoPCU Revision 87639573 (osmopcu): NACC: Send only Pkt Cell Chg Continue if SI retrieve fails
If fore some reason we fail to fetch SI of target cell, we move
directly to NACC_ST_TX_CELL_CHG_CONTINUE in order to ...
07:14 PM OsmoPCU Revision c587b749 (osmopcu): NACC: Configure neighbor and SI resolution timeout values
Upon timeout, we move directly to NACC_ST_TX_CELL_CHG_CONTINUE in order
to submit a Cell Change Continue against the ...
07:14 PM OsmoPCU Revision 2856f5c3 (osmopcu): NACC: allow setting keep time for entries in neigh and si cache
Related: SYS#4909
Change-Id: Ifa336aa27dd88ff5b78dbc5a2799740f542bb369
07:14 PM OsmoPCU Revision 4a111b84 (osmopcu): Introduce NACC support
A new nacc_fsm is introduced per MS object, with its partner priv
structure struct nacc_fsm_ctx, which exists and is ...
07:03 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 7000faf7 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Introduce test TC_nacc_outbound_rac_ci_resolve_fail_parse_response
Related: SYS#4909
Change-Id: If7efddb1ae2ccb580fe85c8df45c9ccdb818c6f3
06:38 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision fbf9a348 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Introduce test TC_nacc_outbound_si_resolve_timeout
Related: SYS#4909
Change-Id: If0032b940685efaaa8f65357c56c3383fab3e283
06:35 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision d3aabd18 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Introduce test TC_nacc_outbound_rac_ci_resolve_timeout
Related: SYS#4909
Change-Id: Ia09fbfe9aba34a51e0715d1c307de280e3ae0249
06:25 PM Core testing infrastructure Revision 65d66db6 (osmo-ttcn3-hacks): pcu: Introduce test TC_nacc_outbound_success
Related: SYS#4909
Change-Id: I951db4af731e5a7c207f0f407dd78d166e2d3d26
03:55 PM OsmoPCU Bug #4973 (Resolved): NULL m_dl_egprs_ctrs passed to rate_ctr_add()
Fix merged, closing.
03:26 PM OsmoPCU Revision 1a5439b7 (osmopcu): sched: Avoid picking TBF with nacked dl blocks when GMSK is required
Sine we don't yet implement properly all resegmentation of blocks from
same MCS family type, when requiring a GMSK DL...

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