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11:45 AM Servers Bug #3107 (New): Jenkins: osmo-gsm-tester_gerrit doesn't test the right commit
11:40 AM Servers Bug #3106: unstable
C6: Sounds plausible and this used to be an issue in the past. Extra energy usage is not nice but looks like a reason...


12:51 PM Servers Feature #3083: migrate trac to new server?
We wanted to publish the trac.db's at some point. Tnt has written rules to redirect most of it. Maybe make sure we ca...
12:50 PM Servers Feature #3085: where to migrate openmok-backup?
Sysmocom off-site or For non company data maybe we can periodically put the data somewhere else as...
11:23 AM Servers Feature #3078: migate gerrit to new server
laforge wrote:
> So I think it should be possible to have a Java plugin that adds Osmocom to the list of OpenID


01:23 PM Servers Feature #3078: migate gerrit to new server
Maybe we can make it configurable in the upstream version? It was committed locally and is the only relevant commit. ...


05:17 PM OsmoDevCon + OsmoCon Wiki edit: OsmoDevCon2018 (#38)
Unfortunately I will have other matters to attend. :(


05:19 PM Servers Bug #2358 (Closed): jenkins errors when adding/configuring new nodes
Lovely.. reverse proxying works differently everywhere..
* This URL used the "host" from nginx->jenkins connectio...


09:25 PM OsmocomBB Bug #2925: Unfreed 'Mobile Primitive' chunks
Argh... I didn't think this through when going from stack based allocation to msgb.
I am almost away for today... ...


09:50 PM Servers Feature #2945: Use "--config-cache" configure option to speed up builds
Good idea! I asked Paolo Bonzini for some help but I found a link to

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