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04:01 PM OsmocomBB Wiki edit: Mobile (#15)
chainload part of osmocon for quite some time
11:49 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 172b4438 (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid fsm: handle special 0 == 256 byte value
Outgoing (=from the card) transfers have a special 0 == 256 byte
Change-Id: Ifb960b3e0f221962e977083f7ddea1...
11:49 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 3ef02c0f (osmo-ccid-firmware): ccid fsm: proper wtime calculation
The timeouts had a minor off by a million problem because WT (in ETU) =
WI * 960 as per 7816-3 10.2, but WI was used ...


11:05 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Bug #4742: TPDU failure in 00a20104020000
There was maybe a slight miscalculation involved, so probably fixed by
04:52 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Bug #4742: TPDU failure in 00a20104020000
That is with the cyberflex shell and the octsim itself, no modem involved - and at least after looking at the fsms I ...
04:48 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Bug #4742: TPDU failure in 00a20104020000
I've just tried to reproduce this, but I can't - it just works for me...
01:21 AM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision bdaf7220 (osmo-ccid-firmware): usb: reset the device on usb reset if it was previously running
Usb init order is desc read -> reset-> set addr -> use device.
DADD.ADDEN is automatically cleared upon receiving a ...


08:17 PM osmo-ccid-firmware Revision 6b8e5164 (osmo-ccid-firmware): usb: handle failed transfers
This fixes the crash with external power if usb is disconected and
plugged in again, upon ep reset the completion cbs...


03:19 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #4006: TRX protocol: wind of change
The most reasonable approach would be to only go for one packet for one TS, so 8 per Frame - this would not change an...


09:31 PM OsmoBTS Feature #4748: Indicate TRX number in RSL messages of multi-TRX BTS
I'd go for the port number, since it's the easiest choice and the other approaches don't really add anything more to it.

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