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10:18 PM SIMtrace 2 Bug #1704: test/port card emulation firmware for SAM3S based SIMtrace2
I've managed to reproduce this:
erase the chip, clear gpnvm bit 1...
04:33 PM OsmoMGW Revision fbf78d13 (osmo-mgw): endp: do not cache cfg pointer
There is no obvious reason why we would want to complicate the code by
caching pointers, since pointer traversal is p...


04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision 70a658a2 (osmo-mgw): adjust talloc context
there is no obvious reason why the endpoints that belong to a trunk would
have the (global) config as parent context,...
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision 2764bdb1 (osmo-mgw): embed strings into structs
They are mostly not even as large as the talloc header used to
dynamically allocate them, and they are also not "shar...
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision 55fdfc22 (osmo-mgw): globally lock the portrange when trying to grab a port to prep for multithreading
Change-Id: I78ae737b829bb428372f34db7d5bc601b5088b78
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision 8f333036 (osmo-mgw): libosmo-mgcp: do not use the default msgb talloc context
Trunk is safe, since it will not disappear sooner than the endpoints or
osmux still missing!
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision a94c56e4 (osmo-mgw): libosmo-mgcp: atomic rate counter group indexes
Postfix++ on atomics is specified as rmw operation with
Change-Id: Ib82d15aab2b3ba25827f9cf875...
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision 2ebcf5c3 (osmo-mgw): libosmo-mgcp: cleanup audio codex alloc
No need to complicate audio codes with pointers, our "usual" string is
barely larger than a poointer, five times smal...
04:49 PM OsmoMGW Revision f936e10f (osmo-mgw): stats: make sanitizers happy
The test expects wrapping here, but the undefined sanitizer is not happy
with that, so disable it.
Change-Id: I59ec6...


03:24 PM OsmoMGW Revision e303fa9f (osmo-mgw): mgcp_sdp: fix potential leak
Change-Id: I31527b54f602634024a0b687eef26a9b29354282

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