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03:03 PM pySim Revision 5491c48e (pysim): Don't try to parse result if select_file() failed
Change-Id: I25b859374e33654e58d07061926bf8529eab87f3
03:03 PM pySim Revision 89cfded9 (pysim): Use reference array for reading ICCID
Change-Id: Iad0a328c6f0c9a4ab678efe068801849be48d8fc


03:58 PM OsmocomBB Revision e9bedd12 (osmocombb): trxcon: use static helper to prepare FBSB
Use static helper to prepare l1ctl_fbsb_conf - this simplifies
fbsb-related functions and make difference between tim...
03:58 PM OsmocomBB Revision 25e17a9c (osmocombb): trxcon: log FBSB timer events
Change-Id: I0168d43951494f4010df891f391ddad4b57493d7
02:46 PM OsmocomBB Revision 7f024a30 (osmocombb): trxcon: use helper to add l1ctl_info_dl
Use static helpers to add l1ctl_info_dl to msgb - this simplifies
l1ctl_* routines and reduce code duplication.
12:16 PM OsmocomBB Revision c53cb3ec (osmocombb): trxcon: use bool for fbsb_conf_sent
It's only used as a boolean value so let's set proper type for it.
Change-Id: Iaf50cdd19ac2139ee2d625671410a486edae2999


06:07 PM osmo-remsim Revision 4248bec9 (osmo-remsim): Add git-review config
Change-Id: Iceb58eba5922687aefae7e086a64ea9ae0d225c3


04:20 PM OsmocomBB Revision c8de8cb1 (osmocombb): mobile: fix vty bind ip override
Previously the vty bind config parameter was always ignored. Fix this by using proper
default value from the config u...
09:26 AM OsmocomBB Revision dcc7e607 (osmocombb): Fix build with latest libosmocore
Remove locally defined function which conflicts with the one in
Change-Id: I1be1d39f7c93c959ca33f6296ec...
09:17 AM OsmocomBB Revision bfa7b333 (osmocombb): l1l2 interface: use LOGP for socket errors
Log via LOGP() like the rest of the file instead of fprintf() for
consistency. While at it, also print error cause.

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