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02:31 PM libosmocore Revision 893979cb (libosmocore): Fix LAPD UA msgb memory leak.
Change-Id: Ia4f0606810e00aa6f1779d11893e4acc01976f9a


08:14 AM libosmocore Revision 43058efa (libosmocore): Fix wrongful GSM FR codec SID frame detection in DTX.
Based on ETSI TS 101 318 section 5.1.2 the 95 bits SID code word
is not detected correctly due to a wrongful offset i...


10:14 AM OsmoBTS Revision fce5b31b (osmo-bts): Fix RTP duration adjustment not done when speech resumes in DTX mode.
RTP jitter increases continuously because duration is not
updated when speech resumes in DTX mode.
Change-Id: Ib51ed...


01:40 PM libosmocore Revision d78c973c (libosmocore): Fix LAPD UA message buffer memory leak.
The state check in lapd_dl_reset causes some buffers
never to be released. Using talloc report LAPD UA
message buffer...
01:40 PM libosmo-abis Revision 5e87fdfc (libosmoabis): Fix RTP jitter buffer that never stop to increase.
Duration passed to osmo_rtp_send_frame_ext function is based
on the last frame and the current one. Duration must the...


10:18 PM OsmoBTS Revision eb4a3392 (osmo-bts): Fix SACCH channel release indication not sent to BSC after location...
Based on GSM 04.08 3.4.13 RR connection release procedure, after the network
sends a deactivate SACCH it receives DIS...


07:13 PM OsmoBTS Revision a760a043 (osmo-bts): Fix AMR HR DTX FSM logic.
Fix SID_FIRST_INH detection during speech and when SID_FIRST is interrupted by FACCH.
Fix SID_UPDATE_INH detection du...
02:25 PM OsmoBTS Revision 42ffb325 (osmo-bts): DTX: fix "unexpected burst" error
Fix error during FACCH interruption of DTX for AMR HR.
Max's note: added fix for sysmobts.
Change-Id: Ib064952331b4...


11:06 AM OsmoBTS Revision 8c45ae59 (osmo-bts): sysmo,lc15: fix memory leak at each call placed
Max's note: added same fix for default case and ported it to sysmobts.
Change-Id: Ife1293e3238cfda16eac9c28e7e81ffe5...


11:28 PM OsmocomBB Revision d02c8af6 (osmocombb): DTX: fix AMR SID-FIRST detection
Max's note: adjusted test output.
Change-Id: I46477c631bf86345cb757f31d7f2e2935b12adcc
Related: OS#1801

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