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01:11 PM Osmocom Conferences (OsmoDevCon + OsmoCon) Wiki edit: OsmoDevCall (#60)
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05:57 AM libosmocore Revision b48f438a (libosmocore): osmo-auc-gen: Permit specifying the SQN in hex (0x12345) format
Use base '0' of strtoul to permit both decimal and hexadecimal input
to the SQN parameter. Some other tools represen...


07:36 AM pySim Bug #5233 (In Progress): pySim-shell "reset" command doesn't trigger re-obtaining ADM PIN
Following scenario:
# put CSV file with ADM pin data for a number of cards in place
# insert card into reader
# ...


01:39 PM Servers Bug #5232 (Resolved): linter should not lint debian/changelog
... as the latter is generated from the commitlog, which may contain spelling errors:
10:47 AM osmo-remsim Bug #5187: osmo-remsim packages in -latest missing systemd initscripts
roh wrote:
> i think a new release would be nice.
updated osmo-remsim depends on updated simtrace2, depends on up...
10:11 AM OsmoBSCNAT Feature #2545: OsmoBSCNAT misses 3GPP AoIP
this is becoming more relevant again after 4 years of being on hold...
laforge wrote:
> In order to be able to us...
09:48 AM OpenVizsla USB tracer/analyzer Bug #5159 (Resolved): Remove or rename hardware/ov_3.2_design.pdf
09:42 AM OsmoBSC Bug #5176 (Rejected): Long call start time
09:41 AM OsmoSTP Bug #5186: local-ip config parameter can cause unclear behaviour on dual IP stack system
Yes, it's obviuous to anyone with sufficient experience of the BSD sockets API on dual-stakc systems.
However, I t...
09:38 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Bug #5188: BSSMAP Cell Identifier IE vs. Cell Identifier List IE: difference in allowed cell id types
please at the very least document that certain coinfigurations will restult in non-spec-compliant A interface message...

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