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01:26 AM mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board Version 3 of mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board
We've received the first mass-produced batch of version 3 of the "mPCIE WWAN modem breakout boards":https://osmocom.o...
01:19 AM Cellular Infrastructure Upcoming Osmocom talks at OpenCellular Workshop in Nairobi
We're happy to announce that there will be two talks related to the Osmocom cellular infrastructure projects at the u...
12:56 AM mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board Wiki edit: Wiki (#8)
12:53 AM mPCIe WWAN modem USB breakout board Wiki edit: Wiki (#7)
update pictures to v3 of the hardware


02:02 PM OsmoBTS Feature #1849: osmo-bts-trx integration to osmo-gsm-tester
please submit a fix to osmo-bts-trx where the oml mode is made the default in case no other config is specified. Ple...
01:59 PM OpenBSC Feature #1660: segmented SI2quater support
duplicate? Please always check for existing tickets before creating new ones.
01:57 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #1794: support random IV for GEA (via XID)
01:55 PM OsmoBSC Feature #1607: Support A-over-IP like in later 3GPP specs
probably a duplicate?


06:53 PM OsmoBSC Bug #2283 (New): Inter-BSC hand-over is missing (BSC side)
We would like to have inter-BSC hand-over support on the A interface, and test that with the related inter-BSC hand-o...
06:50 PM OsmoPCU Bug #2282 (New): uplink multi-slot allocations
we currently have multi-slot allocations only in downlink, which works for "web browsing" and related applications. ...

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