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09:05 AM OsmoBTS Bug #5263: nfs-util-client for yocto/sysmobts
keith wrote:
> I can confirm this is working..
Thanks, I've pushed the nfs-client change now also to 201705 [sta...
08:55 AM OsmocomBB Revision 3e8518a4 (osmocombb): layer23/osmocon: require libosmocore >= 1.5.0 in
This should give a meaningful error message if people use too old
Change-Id: I7d9950b5eaa836ed1ac86045b...
08:46 AM pySim Revision 9b227de7 (pysim): pySim-shell: add example script to dump authentication config
you can use this like that:
./ -p0 --script ./scripts/sysmoISIM-SJA2/dump-auth-cfg.pysim
08:46 AM pySim Revision eb45838c (pysim): sysmocom_sja2: Properly decode EF.USIM_SQN freshness
The freshness parameter is not one opaque bytestring, but an array
of 6-byte integer values.
08:31 AM pySim pySim-shell support for sysmoISIM-SJA2 key data / files
Starting from commit:f44256c7dff6d24f1f940d4ca71219abbb0c7e34, @pySim-shell@ now supports the non-standard files of t...
08:22 AM pySim pySim-prog critical fix against corruption of key material
In commit:80901d6d39fd05b923c48145147c47f0ad5252ca we fixed a critical bug regarding the writing of key material when...
08:13 AM pySim Bug #5272 (New): rework/update pysim wiki page
the wiki page pretty much still reflects the state of the software years ago. It should be reworked in a "pySim-shel...
08:12 AM pySim Bug #5271 (New): pdf manual is still dated April 2021
somehow the job for updating the pdf manual from jenkins is not working:
08:11 AM pySim Feature #5270 (New): automatically publish html manual at suitable location
The pySim/doc html rendering of the manual should be available at an official location and linked from th...


06:24 PM pySim Revision 7a8aa863 (pysim): ts_51_011: Add encoder for EF.SST
We already have those for EF.UST, let's add them for EF.SST, too
Change-Id: Ib51bfffaf8444ec30415aad42e3a0f4f3f7598cb

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