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03:27 PM OsmoSTP Revision 407d0e13 (libosmo-sccp): HACK: Accept DAUD even in ASP role
Change-Id: I9835c94c7753baf805ad5a0a6d4e7b657407cf40
10:40 AM libosmocore Revision 24980baa (libosmocore): osmo_sock_*_ofd(): Mark OSMO_FD_WRITE on non-blocking connect()
When we perform a non-blocking connect, the completion of the connect
will be signaled by marking the fd as WRITE-abl...


11:24 AM pySim Revision 7743c20d (pysim): docs/shell.rst: Document verify_adm and tree commands
Change-Id: I8afd061bc7b93a5488dd1fc135a73b9d7c75e0bb
11:24 AM pySim Revision 903bdaac (pysim): transport: Mark more methods as abstractmethod
Change-Id: Ied3dbd07fdd0d3fa9bbe2dd7dd674700cf13bf63
11:24 AM pySim Revision daf2b392 (pysim): shell: Add 'reset' command to reset the card
At some points during an interactive session or a script one may want
to reset the card.
Change-Id: I992eb3e0ed52f79...
11:24 AM pySim Revision 917d98c1 (pysim): BER-TLV EF support (command, filesystem, shell)
This adds support for a new EF file type: BER-TLV files. They are
different from transparent and linear fixed EFs in...
11:24 AM pySim Revision fc4833ec (pysim): ts_31_103: Use EF_ARR decoder from TS 102 221
We already used that decoder also in ts_31_102
Change-Id: Iaab9f038544b5914405568b072731d3847c9d017


01:45 PM Servers Bug #5142 (Resolved): bot not able to close github pull request for rtl-sdr and gr-osmosdr
thanks for maintaining this and reporting the issue, the permission has now been granted
In general, the osmocom/b...
01:41 PM Servers Bug #5142 (In Progress): bot not able to close github pull request for rtl-sdr and gr-osmosdr


05:47 AM Core testing infrastructure Bug #5139: rpi4build3 out of disk space
> Total reclaimed space: 38.19GB

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