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10:38 AM Cellular Network Infrastructure Wiki edit: Titan_TTCN3_Testsuites (#32)
add note on libfftranscode
10:34 AM OsmoMSC Bug #2856: No automatic testing of IuCS interface
There are now packages of a working APER <-> BER tranascoder available from


08:52 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2856: No automatic testing of IuCS interface
some initial tests already uncovered some bugs, see and https://gerr...
08:51 PM OsmoMSC Bug #2856 (In Progress): No automatic testing of IuCS interface
an update including related fixes of the asn1 compiler was released. I'm at the point where withe very little hacks ...
08:46 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3945 (New): MSC_Tests.ttcn doesn't test UMTS AKA over GERAN/A
The existing MSC_Tests.ttcn testsuite only tests 2G (GSM) authentication and doesn't verify if UMTS AKA over GSM woul...
07:13 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3944: OsmoMSC doesn't respond to Iu Reset
proposed fix in
07:13 PM OsmoMSC Bug #3944 (In Progress): OsmoMSC doesn't respond to Iu Reset
See iu_client.c:ranap_handle_cl_reset_req(): /* FIXME: send reset response */
I think I read that this may have be...
09:36 AM Servers Wiki edit: Jenkins_Node_Setup_ansible (#7)
07:05 AM OsmoHLR Feature #2542: have subscriber create-on-demand
fixeria wrote:
> FYI: I also need this feature for upcoming PHDays 2019, so I made some little changes and published...


07:41 AM osmo-sip-connector Bug #3518 (In Progress): Rapid SETUP followed DISC results in lingering B-leg
Testcase is now in

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