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11:13 PM OsmoPCU Feature #4472: Intra-domain connection of OsmoPCU to multiple SGSNs (pooling)
I've started with implementing the slightly contrived BVC-RESET handling, as this will be the logical first step we n...
03:15 PM OsmoSGSN Bug #4886: UE does not connect data when moving from 2G->3G
On Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 12:46:39PM +0000, manatails [REDMINE] wrote:
> I am using separate MSC and SGSN for each RAN,...


11:02 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #4876 (Stalled): proper naming / identification of NS-VC FSMs
11:02 PM osmo-gbproxy Feature #4877 (New): show frame relay DLC state
10:53 PM osmo-gbproxy Feature #4518: more complete TTCN3 tet suite for osmo-gbproxy
There's now also for testing the FR (Frame ...
10:52 PM osmo-gbproxy Bug #4875 (Resolved): gbproxy: Implement broadcasting of OVERLOAD
patch merged
10:51 PM osmo-gbproxy Feature #4878 (Resolved): show link state of HDLC netdev
patch merged
10:06 PM OsmoSGSN Revision 55253716 (osmo-sgsn): gbproxy: Cosmetics: use longer lines
Change-Id: I9426bf4be2faa0da7848cb102b20cc539948b3f5
10:03 PM OsmoSGSN Revision 1239cf45 (osmo-sgsn): gb_proxy: Slightly restructure processing of BSS-originated BVC-RESET
* explicit else clause rather than implicit
* don't continue processing if mandatory BVCI missing from message
10:01 PM OsmoSGSN Revision ac44d6b2 (osmo-sgsn): gbproxy: Move BSS-side BVC-RESET processing to its own function
The switch clause was getting a bit too long/nested, let's add
a separate gbprox_rx_bvc_reset_from_bss() function.

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