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10:11 AM OsmoBSC Feature #3698 (New): Make "SGSN Release" in SI3 configurable
There's a single bit indicating R98 or R99+. For higher releases, we need to add optional rest octet information ele...
10:09 AM OsmoBSC Feature #3697 (New): Make "MSC Release" in SI3 configurable
Right now we unconditionally advertise MSCR as 1 (equals R99). Let's make this setting (vty-) configurable so that p...


03:20 PM OsmoHLR Feature #2541: have IMEI in HLR DB
Some context:
* Normally, a HLR doesn't store IMEI information, rather the EIR (Equipment Identity Register) does
* ...


02:14 PM OsmoBSC Feature #3682 (New): Intra-domain connection of OsmoBSC to multiple MSCs
3GPP TS 23.236 specifies the "Intra-domain connection of
Radio Access Network (RAN nodes to multiple Core Network ...


10:10 PM OsmoMSC Feature #2487: MSC side of LCLS (local call local switching) as per the 3GPP specs
On Fri, Nov 02, 2018 at 02:39:15PM +0000, msuraev [REDMINE] wrote:
> Shall I take this as well? Seems like next logic...


07:46 AM Osmocom Conferences (OsmoDevCon + OsmoCon) Wiki edit: OsmoDevCon2019 (#1)


06:09 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #2534: move gsup_client and oap_client code out of osmo-{msc,sgsn}.git
at least for osmo-sgsn, libosmo-gsup-client has just been removed by change-id I6f542945403cf2e3ddac419186b09ec0e2d43...
04:10 PM Cellular Network Infrastructure Feature #3385: Move project specific manuals from osmo-gsm-manuals to each respective git repository
On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 03:39:46PM +0000, osmith [REDMINE] wrote:
> After moving the manuals to the project folders,...


11:30 PM OsmoGSMTester Support #2497: Set up SIM cards with auth algo other than XOR
If the modems suport AT+CSIM or +CRSM it may even be possible to do any reprogramming "live"
while the cards are stil...


11:27 PM OsmoMSC Feature #3614 (Stalled): SGs integration tests in TTCN3
First couple of test cases have been implemented. Now it's up for OsmoMSC to catch up in terms of an actual implemen...

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