03:04 PM Core testing infrastructure Feature #3994 (In Progress): ttcn3: would be nice to be able to template GSUP messages as struct templates, in the same way we do with BSSAP, RSL, DTAP and all other messages
In ttcn3, a GSUP message contains a sequence of IEs.
That makes it hard to wildcard individual IEs, particularly to ...
11:39 AM OsmoMSC Bug #3992 (New): inter-MSC handover for signalling-only?
current inter-MSC handover assumes that it is always a voice call being handed over.
Theoretically, that could also ...
10:52 AM OsmoMSC Handover support merged to OsmoMSC master
We are happy to announce that OsmoMSC handover support for 2G has been merged to the master branch yesterday.
See th...
12:30 AM OsmoMSC Feature #3069: investigate multiple CM Service Request on the same conn
Sort of related: osmo-msc master has been refactored and now supports multiple use counts of identical type on an ong...
12:29 AM OsmoBSC Bug #3839 (Resolved): inter-BSC Handover lacks AoIP Transport Layer Address, i.e. only works with SCCPlite
merged since recently, "fix inter-BSC-HO-incoming for AoIP (2/2)" Ia05e37da125eb6e7b7be9b974b73261bd72de1f4 67f9fd552...
12:28 AM OsmoBSC Bug #2012 (Feedback): CTRL interface encapsulation over IPA link is missing when using libosmo-sigtran
I am not active in this direction, please reassign...
12:27 AM OsmoHLR Bug #2785 (Resolved): OsmoHLR forgets to send InsertSubscriberData to VLR/SGSN when data changes
12:26 AM OsmoMSC Feature #3236 (Resolved): Rx Assignment Failure from BSC does nothing
osmo-msc master (refactored) handles Assignment Failure
12:25 AM OsmoBSC Bug #3413 (Resolved): TC_lcls_connect_clear does not pass anymore.
12:25 AM OsmoBSC Bug #3713 (Resolved): osmo-bsc abort()s in ttcn3-bsc-sccplite TC_ho_int testcase

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