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OpenGGSN is an implementation of the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) element in the GPRS core network.

OpenGGSN was developed in 2002 to 2004 by Mondru AB and was abandoned for some years before adopted by the Osmocom project around 2010.

Source Code / git repository

The source code is maintained in the osmcoom git at

Binary packages

OpenGGSN packages are created as part of the Osmocom nightly debian builds, see NightlyBuilds

Support / mailing lists

Please direct any questions regarding use, configuration or development of OpenGGSN to the mailing list, to which you can subscribe at

Building OpenGGSN with kernel-gtp

Ubuntu 16.10, kernel 4.8.0-30-generic is used.

  • Installing dependencies and build library libgtpnl

You can install those packages with:

sudo apt install libtalloc-dev libpcsclite libmnl-dev

Please follow instructions provided at [[]] in order to install these library and projects:

Information about dependencies between Osmocom projects is given at the above link:

  • libgtpnl
  sudo make install
  sudo ldconfig
  • libosmocore
  • openggsn
./configure --enable-gtp-linux

Following message is shown at end of the command ./configure --enable-gtp-linux response:

openggsn Configuration:
  GTP Linux kernel support:            yes

This means that appropriate header files are available.

sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Using OpenGGSN with kernel-gtp

In order to find out whether gtp.ko module is available we can enter following command:

find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -name gtp.ko

In case of similar output:


we can be sure that gtp.ko module is present.


sudo modprobe gtp 

we are loading module gtp from kernel.

issuing command give us information about gtp:

lsmod | grep gtp

gtp                    28672  0
udp_tunnel             16384  1 gtp
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