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Full M3UA SIGTRAN variant in libosmo-sccp

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The M3UA+SCCP variant of SIGTRAN is used for spec-compliant AoIP and IuCS/IuPS interfaces. Osmocom libosmo-sccp currently only implements the SUA variant, and thus is not fully compatible with the lower protocol stacking of those standard interfaces.

Related issues

Related to libosmo-sccp + libosmo-sigtran - Feature #1930: Clean up and merge the Iu branch (SUA and SCCP User primitives)Closed2017-01-28


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  • Project changed from Cellular Network Infrastructure to OpenBSC
  • Target version set to A-over-IP interface as per 3GPP

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  • Related to Feature #1930: Clean up and merge the Iu branch (SUA and SCCP User primitives) added

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see gerrit patches till for some preparatory work. The actual M3UA and SCCP code is following up to that, currently in a laforge/sigtran branch of libosmo-sccp.git (see

The general idea is:
  • use osmo_prim to formally implement the SAP specified between protocol layers, e.g. MTP-SAP between M3UA and SCCP, or SCU-SAP between SCCP User and application
  • use osmo_fsm to implement the state machines, e.g. ASP and AS FSM of M3UA
  • use osmo_fsm to implement SCCP SCOC (connection oriented) per-connection state machine
  • migrate existing SUA code to new SCOC FSM
  • use parsed SUA (struct xua_msg) representation by default in all code, transcode from SCCP wire format to this for incoming messages, and from xua_msg to SCCP on outgoign messages. This helps keep the code more simple.
Various bits and pieces already exist in my branch
  • untested but fairly complete osmo_fsm for SCOC
  • definition for MTP SAP
  • xUA ASP and AS osmo_fsm implementation
  • SCCP <-> SUA transcoding with preliminary unit tests

More work is needed to pull the strings together and fix missing gaps.

#7 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

  • % Done changed from 50 to 80

I've been making significant progress over the last weeks here. The current status is very promising.

  • M3UA is supported for both ASP and SG role
  • point-code routing is implemented
  • SCCP connectionless and connection-oriented is implemented
    • Connection Oriented FSM uses strict state machine based on osmo_fsm
  • MTP-USER and SCCP-USER SAP has been formalized/specified
  • ASP and AS FSMs implemented
  • Example server and client can exchange SCCP user data as expected

I've lately been looking into correct handling of the various error paths, T(ias) expiration, ...

What's missing so far:
  • routing key management
  • SCCP Global Title routing
  • SCCP Global Title Translation
  • more unit tests
  • T(r) in ASP and associated queueing of signaling messages
  • SCCPlite support

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See gerrit review Id 2196 through 2220, the patchset has been published and is undergoing review.

The implementation is much more complete than required at first sight for this ticket/topic, but I wanted to visit this topic once and not have three more generations of SCCP or SIGTRAN related code.

#9 Updated by laforge over 1 year ago

M3UA code is ready for merge.

Several dozen of patches in Gerrit for review currently about this.

I found implementing the ETSI M3UA test suite from and ran all relevant tests against my M3UA code in libosmo-sigtran: Almost all "PASS" now.

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patches merged, marking as resolved.

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