Bug #4034

Bad default value for number of endpoints

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I am setting up a single board cell on a pi3 using the raspbian packages. Well sorting through the config fils trying to setup a working sms and voice config, I ran across a strange issue with the number endpoints setting in osmo-mgw.cfg.

If I comment out:

! number endpoints 31

I see:

number endpoints 4294967295

using the vty interface to show the running config

Setting it in the config file:

number endpoints 31

and restarting, then checking the running config via the vty interface shows the expected value:

number endpoints 31


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I can confirm this bug is still present. It's a bit odd, as we seem to do initialize tcfg->vty_number_endpoints to 33 in mgcp_trunk_alloc() and then subsequently set tcfg->number_endpoints to tcfg->vty_number_endpoints in mgcp_endpoints_allocate()

The problem arises from the fact that the 'default trunk' is statically allocated and has some special treatment - hence it never goes through that path :(

Patch in

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For the record, this bug was introduced in change-id I3994af016fb96427263edbba05f560743f85fdd4 in November 2017 while fixing #2632

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Affected versions 1.3.0-1.7.0

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patch merged.

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