linmodem is a project originally created by Fabrice Bellard to implement a software defined modem to be used with a variety of "Winmodem" chipsets that became popular in the late 1990ies. Those chipsets are basically a soundcard attached to a telephone line, with all of the actual modulation/demodulation implemented as digital math on the main CPU of your computer. See for the original project homepage.

In Osmocom Retro-Networking, we are planning to modify and extend this code base to turn it into a SIP UA. See our Issue tracker for what is planned.

Status: At this point (December 2019), it is still vapourware.

In Late 2021 we started a project to support AMR_Modem_Riser cards via a custom break-out board (#5294) and an associated FPGA softcore to interface the AC97 master interface with USB (audio).

Other softmodems

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