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Add OsmoCC Ports

List of TCP/UDP Port numbers

Below is a list of TCP/UDP port numbers as it is used by Osmocom GSM related software.

L4 Port Number Purpose Software
UDP 2427 MGCP GW osmo-bsc_mgcp, OsmoMGW
SCTP 2905 M3UA OsmoSTP
TCP 3002 A-bis/IP OML OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB
TCP 3003 A-bis/IP RSL OsmoBTS, OsmoBSC, OsmoNITB
TCP 4200-4219 OsmoCC [[OsmoCC:]]
TCP 4236 Control Interface OsmoTRX
TCP 4237 telnet (VTY) OsmoTRX, osmo-pcap-server
TCP 4238 Control Interface OsmoBTS, osmo-pcap-server
TCP 4239 telnet (VTY) OsmoSTP
TCP 4240 telnet (VTY) OsmoPCU, osmo_pcap_client
TCP 4241 telnet (VTY) OsmoBTS, osmo_pcap_server
TCP 4242 telnet (VTY) OsmoNITB, OsmoBSC, cellmgr_ng
TCP 4243 telnet (VTY) OsmoMGW, osmo-bsc_mgcp
TCP 4244 telnet (VTY) osmo-bsc_nat
TCP 4245 telnet (VTY) OsmoSGSN
TCP 4246 telnet (VTY) osmo-gbproxy
TCP 4247 telnet (VTY) OsmocomBB
TCP 4249 Control Interface OsmoNITB/OsmoBSC
TCP 4250 Control Interface osmo-bsc_nat
TCP 4251 Control Interface OsmoSGSN
TCP 4252 telnet (VTY) sysmobts-mgr
TCP 4253 telnet (VTY) OsmoGTPHub
TCP 4254 telnet (VTY) OsmoMSC
TCP 4255 Control Interface OsmoMSC
TCP 4256 telnet (VTY) Osmo-sip-connector
TCP 4257 Control Interface OpenGGSN/OsmoGGSN
TCP 4258 telnet (VTY) OsmoHLR
TCP 4259 Control Interface OsmoHLR
TCP 4260 telnet (VTY) OsmoGGSN
TCP 4261 telnet (VTY) OsmoHNBGW
TCP 4262 Control Interface OsmoHNBGW
TCP 4263 Control Interface osmo-gbproxy
TCP 4264 telnet (VTY) osmo-cbc
TCP 4265 Control Interface osmo-cbc
UDP 4266 D-GSM MS Lookup: mDNS server osmo-hlr
TCP 4267 Control Interface osmo-mgw
TCP 4268 telnet (VTY) osmo-uecups
SCTP 4268 UECUPS osmo-uecups
TCP 4269 telnet (VTY) osmo-e1d
TCP 4271 telnet (VTY) OsmoSMLC
TCP 4272 Control Interface OsmoSMLC
UDP 4729 GSMTAP Almost every osmocom project
TCP 5000 A/IP osmo-bsc_nat
UDP 23000 NS-over-IP OsmoSGSN,OsmoPCU,osmo-gbproxy
TCP 48049 CBSP (CBC) OsmoBSC,osmo-cbc

See also:

Modifications should be kept in sync between this wiki page, the header files
and the osmo-gsm-manuals.

Port numbers for test programs

In addition to above ports, when configuring --with-external-tests, the 'make check' build phase might be using below port numbers for VTY/CTRL/... testing. No production program will use these ports.

L4 Port Number Purpose Software
TCP 42042 telnet (VTY) libosmocore/tests/logging/logging_vty_test
TCP 42043 telnet (VTY) libosmo-sccp/tests/vty/ss7_asp_vty_test


If you are continuously working with osmocom software, as a convenience helper, you might add something like

osmo-pcap-client        4237/tcp
osmo-pcap-server        4238/tcp
osmo-stp                4239/tcp
osmo-pcu                4240/tcp
osmo-bts                4241/tcp
osmo-bsc                4242/tcp        osmo-nitb
osmo-mgw                4243/tcp        osmo-bsc_mgcp
osmo-bsc_nat            4244/tcp
osmo-sgsn               4245/tcp
osmo-gbproxy            4246/tcp
osmocombb               4247/tcp
sysmobts-mgr            4252/tcp
osmo-gtp-hub            4253/tcp
osmo-msc                4254/tcp
osmo-sip-connector      4256/tcp
osmo-hlr                4258/tcp
osmo-ggsn               4260/tcp
osmo-cbc                4264/tcp
osmo-uecups             4268/tcp
osmo-e1d                4269/tcp

to the end of your /etc/services file. This will allow you to do something like telnet localhost osmo-bsc rather than having to remember that the number was 4242.

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